A key component of the USAID-DRDF Dairy Project is to provide training and support to dairy farmers. The program targets to train 9,000 farmers and 100 farm managers during the project life of three years. These trainings aim at providing a modern insight towards dairy farming for farmers, who have been following traditional farming practices in general. Farmers are trained in improved feeding and animal nutrition, basic level animal health management, shed management and the importance of improved breeds through artificial insemination. Trainings for dairy farmers in best practices will increase milk yields of animals and subsequently boost farmers’ incomes.

Both the two-day and four-day training modules require reasonable literacy skills as a key criterion for the selection of prospective trainees. After completion of training, all participants’ level of understanding is examined and henceforth, they are provided with a support kit to implement best farm management practices. Under this component, the Dairy Project also trains farmers with livestock holding and young aspiring graduates to make a career as farm managers. These managers are provided one-month training so that they can earn a living as well as assist Pakistan’s burgeoning dairy industry.

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