Dr. Salman Shah-DRDF Chairman

Dr Salman

Pakistan’s dairy sector contributes 11 percent to the national GDP, making it the most significant agriculture subsector in the national economy, and presenting huge potential for growth and poverty alleviation. The Dairy Project, a joint effort of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Dairy and Rural Development Foundation (DRDF) is created to foster productivity increase, improve technical skills and address human resource gaps in the fragmented dairy value chain of Pakistan. We, the Dairy and Rural Development Foundation (DRDF) are proud that our partnership with USAID has enabled over 28,000 farmers to adopt at least one best dairy farm practice, resulting in an increase in average milk yield up to 17 percent. Furthermore, the assistance delivered through the USAID-DRDF Dairy Project has created more than 9,000 new jobs for young unemployed rural youth, serving farmers in more than 4,000 villages, thereby contributing to the development of the dairy sector in Pakistan and earning a better livelihood for their families.

Jakob Moser-Chief of Party

Catalyzed by capacity-building initiatives, active community participation and public-private partnerships, the Dairy Project is playing a significant role in transforming Pakistan’s dairy sector into a world class performer. In the past four years, Dairy Project has demonstrated the success of our approach resulting in, increased income opportunities for both farmers and trained service providers. During the extension phase, we have gone for higher training targets including the upgradation of 100 local farms and construction of 10 bio-gas units, and focused on cluster formation so that out beneficiaries can work together more closely. We also acknowledge our valued partners like UVAS, COMSATS, pharmaceutical companies, animal feed concentrate manufacturers and extend our gratitude to Nestle Pakistan for providing support in making this initiative a great success story. We firmly believe that our concerted efforts will surely bring fruitful results and the sustainable improvement of dairy and livestock sector. We strongly believe that our concerted efforts will maximize dairy sector’s potential and help Pakistan to emerge as a major player in the dairy and livestock market at global level.

Qaiser Maqsood Shehzad-GM Field Operations

“Dairy Project was jointly launched by “USAID” and the “Dairy and Rural Development Foundation” (DRDF) to enhance the life of rural people of Pakistan by increasing productivity, technical skills of resources involved in the dairy value chain of Pakistan. In this project rural youth had been trained for best farm practices & strengthen as entrepreneurs in value dairy chain as dairy service providers that provide essential extension services to small dairy farmers at their doorsteps. Thus, the project activities promotes sustainable increase in dairy and livestock productivity, giving boost to incomes of small dairy farmers, and self-unemployment opportunities for rural youth across Pakistan, especially in South Punjab. With the help of a dedicated and committed team, the Dairy Project is improving the overall efficiency of the dairy sector and supporting the people of Pakistan in building a stronger, more prosperous future.”

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